Downsizing – About Peaceful Places: Organizing, Downsizing, Relocating

Downsizing – About Making Your Places Peaceful

Peaceful Places: organizing, downsizing and relocating is the result of a recognized community need. As an RN, I had seen the results of falls with some clients never getting to go home after a health crisis or event. I was seeing less family living nearby to support clients so Peaceful Places came to be. We are here, to help right-size your lives, your homes, move your home or offices help you maintain independence by Organizing, Downsizing, Relocating or Aging in Place Services. As a proud member of NASMM. The National Association of Senior Move Managers has provided me with the training and support to be able “‘to facilitate the physical and emotional aspects of relocating for older adults”‘. Whether you are relocating within your own home or moving to a new home we can assist you. Let us help you decrease the stress of the situation.

Not all Older Adults, have the assistance from family members in fact over 30% of Older Adults in Nova Scotia do not have family in the province, or they no longer have children able to assist with challenges they may be facing. Other Older Adults have family but prefer not to burden them with their business or feel lost with all that stuff that needs to be dealt with, what do i do first?

Downsizing – Where do I begin?

Peaceful Places is here to support you, no matter your age, or living arrangement. We are here to assist with aging in place services and to help you organize, downsize, relocate, pack, unpack, assist with getting items packed and sent to family members who wish to have them, we also help with arranging auctioneers, appraisers, estate sales  and yard sales. We will assist you to find the right mover, contractor or occupational therapist. We will advocate for you. We help you identify and achieve your goals.

Currently we are working in Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou County, Nova Scotia, however, if you would like to speak to the Peacemakers we will be happy to assist you.

Aging In Place:

An example, my mother and mother in law, both wanting to remain independent and in their own homes, as long as they can. With some rightsizing, we knew that this could happen. The right equipment and placement of furniture, relocating of appliances to the main level, the organization and downsizing of closets and spaces in their homes. All of these changes decreased the risk and increased safety. Aging in Place involves home adjustments as your functional ability changes, which allows you to stay in your own home with decreased risk and peace of mind for you and your family.


Have you decided your house no longer suits your needs and thought, “what do i do with all of this”? More and more items pile up, memories flood the path forward, safety is not the first thing in your mind, but you can not move so you freeze. This puts you at risk. The more you see, the less you do, the more stress you have. Our minds get stuck in the process. We are here to support you through the downsizing and organizing process. We will assist you with your sorting and packing of donations. We will get you moved into the next home you choose.

Room planning;


This can be accomplished prior to any moving or when rearranging your current home. We will measure spaces to ensure the right placement of your belongings as well as the best way to set up your new or updated home. Through downsizing and rearranging of your belongings or installation of new equipment we can help you be safer and stay at home longer.

Together we will,  Dive in to the mess and have success!

Let us help you make your place peaceful. .

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Cheryl Myers  RN, BScN, Senior Move Manager