Downsizing for Older Adults in Nova Scotia

Peaceful Places; organizing, downsizing and relocating 

As we move forward toward retirement we all look at our financial plan to ensure we are able to retire. We look at vacation packages that make us giddy with excitement! We think of all the things we are going to do with the wonderful time we have to ourselves, sleeping in, golfing, swimming, visiting family, missing winter by going south for a few days weeks or months each winter. We take the time to exercise our bodies in minds to help us maintain our abilities.  But, have you thought, how would you move forward if you were at risk for falls, and injuries? Would you like to have your family visits focus on the great things happening, instead of the organizing and downsizing that needs to be done? Do you want to stay in your own home or are you focused on moving to a smaller home? Do you have friends or family nearby to help you through this process? Are they able to help you?

If you answered yes, then you are very lucky, as not everyone does. If not, then  Peaceful Places: organizing downsizing and relocating is here to help you!  Before a health condition develops or progresses we can help you get your home organized, downsized or relocate within your own home, and find a Older Adult friendly contractor with this process if required,  so that you are safer and can stay in your home, we can help you. If your health is deteriorating and you wish to have your home further organized to meet your equipment needs, we can  assist you with this process. Perhaps you can relate to the list my mentor from NASMM, Karen of Downsizing Diva’s of Toronto has developed. The list of 100 things that we squirrel away, Downsizing Diva’s.

relocate, organize and downsize, age in place

a small move makes big difference when it comes to safety

As a Senior Move Manager, I am here to help you determine your goals, help you and your family with support, guidance and compassion, as these transitions take place. You are the person making the decisions and the team at Peaceful Places will help you meet your goals. Age does not mean you have to leave your home, just your home has to be safe for you.

However, if you want to move to a smaller/larger home we can help you organize, downsizesort, donate, pack  items in an orderly fashion. Then unpack for you at your new home. WE can help to decrease the stress during life’s transition. We can help you find older adult friendly movers.

Are you selling your home? After you are packed and moved we can ensure that it is cleaned out and cleaned up, by finding the right cleaner for you. We will help arrange schedules that meet your needs. We will work with the Realtor to ensure the your house is ready for the first showing. WE can help to decrease the stress during life’s transitions.

We are also able to assist all family members during transitions. Are you moving a parent in with you, or are you  having a new addition to the family? Does your office need a facelift? Are you spending as much on storage units each month as you do on rent? Then we are here for you! An estate sale, yard sale or auction we can help you prepare for all of these.  Do you need to have an appraisal on your much loved family heirlooms? Then we can arrange this for you.

As a member of NASMM, we have the support of an organization which helps guide our practice. I am proud to say that I am completing ( NASMM certification.

Make your places peaceful during life’s transitions. We will help you dive in to the mess, and have success! Contact me to set up an appointment for a free consultation.


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